Sunday, 17 November

Theme of the Day: Home, Actually (home, city, nature, immigration)

 Is the place we live actually our home? Where is our actual home? Does it come after us wherever we go? Is home actually a shelter, a breath of fresh air or does it leave one breathless? Who has a room of one’s own? My city, your city, her city: Are these all the same city? What actually is a city? Where does it begin and where does it end? And where does the nature begin? Is nature our first home actually? Can we speak of the true nature of anything? Is the nature of a human being the country in which she lives? Are the borders of the country the place where one belongs? Who actually immigrates? When one goes to a place outside the borders, is her home left behind or does the place she goes become a home for her? Where is her home now? In what way does one become integrated into the “we” of another country? How do these four concepts actually relate to “writing”?