Bodies, Sexes, and Species in Women’s Literature

The norms that build and feed fictions about the body, shape many literary texts and thus sustain gendering and ableist mechanisms. Other texts, on the contrary, subvert the functioning of these very mechanisms. Non-normative, non-anthropocentric body creations which fall outside existing categories of sex, gender and ability enable us to rethink fixed perceptions and go beyond stereotyped representations. In this regard, we will discuss in what ways literary texts re/produce (existing) borders about the body, or diverge from them, rejecting the hegemony of essentialist, normative approaches.

Moderator: Seçil Epik; Speakers: Gülkan Noir, Irmak Zileli, Jessica Schiefauer, Zeynep Kaçar
MSFAU Bomonti Conference Hall