Panel: Voices, Expressions and Identities in the Novel

Writers, who pursue what they do without following others, or continuing a tradition of “the sovereign” and without wanting to be a new Kafka, are fed with an awareness. From the time of Ottoman novel when the first works were written in modern Turkish, an alternative fiction universe has been created with solidarity but without writers turning their back on each the other. In the first examples of Turkish novels although women’s lifestyles; their dress and their behaviour are seen from a window of modernization, women’s demand for rights and their struggle to overcome their mothers, their roles as partners and their struggle to free themselves from their identity as women are located here. They are the beginning of the development of the  woman’s novel. It’s been a long time since Fatma Aliye’s name was written only as “A Woman” in the book she wrote with Ahmed Midhat Efendi. The stories of women are now opening to new screams, new voices and silences every day. In this session we would like to talk about the possibilities for these women to express themselves, to discuss about where the voices that the female writers discovered today, and where they might be opened up and discussed with the contributions of our speakers and participants.

Moderator: Müge Sökmen; Speakers: Ayşegül Devecioğlu, Elisabeth Hjorth, Gaye Boralıoğlu, Oya Baydar
MSFAU Bomonti Conference Hall