Roundtable: Publishing

The motives that help define publishing policies are not determined solely by the conditions within a country, but also by more general conditions in the world at large. At the same time the decisions of an editorial board, and the political and cultural atmosphere of a specific place also determines what will be published. Censorship of texts, and even self-censorship are direct consequence of these external factors. In the magazines, publishing houses or literary institutions, where male editors and writers dominate, the works are influenced by the personal decisions, constraints and editorial interventions of the male editors and writers. It is known that publications made up of mainly men leave women and LGBT individuals out. In this framework, a roundtable discussion on publishing policies, production and supervision in Turkey will be held in this session with people who accepted our invitation from anti-heteronomics and feminist publishing houses, magazines.

Moderator: Aksu Bora; Speakers: Aksu Bora-Ayizi, Aylime Aslı Demir-KaosGL, Ayşe Düzkan-Güldünya, Eda Ağca-Delikadın, Meryem Selva İnce-Reçel Blog, Müge Sökmen-Metis, Nalan Çelik-Yazarlar Sendikası, Öykü Özçinik-Sel, Tülay Ferah-Yazarlar Sendikası, Yonca Cingöz-Yayıncılar Birliği
Women’s Library, Haliç