Forum: Love and Sexuality in Literature

Does love mean the love between a man and a woman, or can love between same-sex persons take an equal place in society? How do love experiences of men and women, homosexuals and heterosexuals differ from each other in everyday life? Is marriage still mandatory for “legalizing” sexuality? Are virginity and sexuality without marriage still seen as taboo in our society? How do the answers to these question differ for different countries, Sweden and Turkey? In this forum , we would like to examine how the histories of literature create a framework for love and sexuality, gender identity and sexual orientation. Does literature criticise gender roles and heteronormativity, or does it re-create existing normativity values again and again? We also aim to focus on the social transforming effects of literature in this regard.

Moderator: Sevgi Hilton; Speaker: Elisabeth Hjorth
Women’s Library, Fener