Panel and Reading: Poetry, Language and Gender

In Turkish literature and literature criticism, androcentric dominance is still the norm. This is clearly apparent when it comes to criticism of “women’s” poetry. Rather then analysing the poems themselves, the very life of the poet is put under scrutiny, and the poet is praised for her existence in the world of literature “despite” being a woman. Women’s literature is often criticised without any consideration of its historical and social context. This discourse will be the subject of discussion here. The poetics of “women” will be analysed using the tools of literature critique. We will be looking at how gender politics and patriarchal language affect the structure of poetry. Whether it is possible to talk about a “women”s poetic in Turkey today and the extent to which paternalistic language continues to dominate women’s poetry are among the questions that will be discussed.

Moderator: Ruken Alp; Speakers: Anita Sezgener, Asuman Susam, Elif Sofya, Gonca Özmen, Hanna Hallgren, Nilay Özer
Women’s Library, Fener